Life is busy and chaotic but it doesn’t mean our canine pals have to miss out.  I can provide exercise for your dog to help keep them happy and balanced.

Not all of our furry friends are socially excited. Some just prefer a nice walk to smell the roses, see some new sights and of course mark all the territory they can!

All dogs are different and that’s why we love them. Solo walks provide one on one attention and are tailored to your dogs individual needs. 


REGULAR WALK – minimum of 2 walks per week

Regular solo walk 30 min.
$ 18

*plus $7 per extra dog (same household)

Regular solo walk 60 min.
$ 28

*plus $7 per extra dog (same household)

One Time Solo walk 30 min.
$ 22

*plus $7 per extra dog (same household)

One Time Solo walk 60 min.
$ 32

*plus $7 per extra dog (same household)

Group get together (minimum of 45 min. activity)
$ 25 per dog

*plus $7 per extra dog (same household)

For the socialites, a chance for your best buddy to meet some new furry friends or simply catch up with their besties each week.
Think of this as a supervised regular party for your pooch. From beach fun to getting out on the town we’ll find an adventure to suit. 
Imagine… no more sand, dirt or mud in your car! Hallelujah ??


For those times when you are away from your best buddy and want the reassurance that they are safe and happy in their own home.

I will visit your home to keep your dog’s daily routine as consistent as possible in order to help reduce stress and anxiety while you are away. 

Visit includes:

  • Feeding & providing fresh water
  • Cuddles, chats, belly rubs & play time
  • Checking and sprucing up their bedding/ kennel to make sure they are cosy
  • Superior litter tray changes & pooper scooper skills
  • Administering medication where required
  • Checking the house or yard to ensure all is in order
  • Dog walking available at additional cost

Other extras I’m happy to help with:

  • Mail collection
  • Lights on/off, curtains open/closed for security purposes
  • Putting out & bringing in bins
  • Watering plants

I will also provide photos and personalised updates to keep you in the loop while you’re away. 

I am more than happy to discuss any extra care options you require for your bestie(s) to ensure they feel happy, safe and relaxed in your absence.

Once daily

*plus $5 per extra pet

Once daily plus 30 min. walk

*plus $12 per extra dog

Once daily plus 60 min. walk

*plus $12 per extra dog

Twice day visit

*plus $5 per extra pet

Twice day visit plus 30 min. walk

*plus $12 per extra dog

Twice day visit plus 60 min. walk

*plus $12 per extra dog

Once daily
(up to two cats)

*plus $5 per extra cat